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Many men and women have a very specific problem with their hair. It is thin and it lacks volume. Thin hair has many drawbacks. It is difficult to manage, for one thing. It is also quite dull. It doesn’t shine. It doesn’t beckon people to touch it and love it.  Thin hair doesn’t bounce properly too, so it always looks lifeless.

While one can get away with thin hair most of the time in life, what happens if there is an occasion, a party or an event? No matter how glamorous your outfit is, no matter how charming your personality, your hair will be off. What is a person to do?

Find answers, of course. And the answers are right here. There are ways to add volume to your hair. This is through the use of various hair styling products. Hair mousse is a particular favorite. There are shampoos and conditioners that can add volume to hair too. But that is not the only hair styling product that can add volume to your hair. Did you know that hair gels can do that too?

Hair gels are great styling products. They are the perennial workhorse of the stylist. There is a gel for every hair type and style under the sun. For those with thin hair, volumizing hair gel might be the best hair gel for you. It will add thickness, shine and bounce to your hair, giving it life.

Here are some examples of volumizing hair gels.

Big Sexy Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

Straight, fine hair can easily find bounce and shine with Big Sexy Blow Dry Volumizing Gel. It’s a medium weight gel that lends a natural shine and a lasting hold. It’s easy to apply too with a pump that works smoothly. The initial scent may overwhelm you but it goes away after blow drying. Don’t expect miracles though. Not even the best hair gel can add much thickness to your hair.

Abba Pure Volume Gel

This is another great styling product. It offers a lasting hold while nourishing and moisturizing your hair. It is perfect thin and limp hair because it gives excellent control and body. It is also quite lightweight. Another plus is that it is organic. All of its ingredients are natural, like aloe vera and arnica. It is completely free of synthetic dyes and sulfate. This is one of the best hair gels out there.

John Allan Gelle X Volumizing Gel

Another formidable option for styling fine hair. It is so lightweight, it is weightless. Like the others in this list it can offer extra volume, a medium hold and a delicate shine. Like the Abba Pure Volume Gel, the John Allan Gelle X contains aloe vera and other organic nutrients, which contribute nourishment and moisture to your hair.

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